We need your help! Feeding the children in Pachacutec, helping those in Puerto Rico and other projects can only continue with your help. If you’ve given to Face to Face in the past, or if you are just learning about Face to Face, please consider giving. If you could just see the faces of these precious children in Pachacutec, and others we’ve blessed, you’d know exactly what your donation is doing. Also, maybe you have a heart to help Puerto Rico but you can't go. There are others who can go but need financial help to do so. Your gift can help bridge the gap they need to go.

Your Face to Face donation DOES make a difference! As a 501c3 organization, all donations to Face to Face Missions are tax-deductible. Support has been low for the last two years but nevertheless, great projects go forward. I’m trying to give more attention to fundraising so these projects can continue and others can begin. Only a small percentage of donated money goes toward “overhead” for this ministry. When you give to Face to Face, you are not giving to pay for office space, power bills, salaries (we’ve never paid salaries and still don’t) and other such needs that are so often prominent in large organizations. Instead, you are more directly helping people, which is exactly what you intend to do when you give to a worthy cause. As long as funds exist, I’ll continue with projects that bless needy people by sharing God’s love in practical ways. I have long-standing relationships with Peruvian pastors and leaders as well as American missionaries in Peru and this gives me great confidence the money that Face to Face disperses is used appropriately. I am building relationships in Puerto Rico and your gifts will surely help there to help rebuild in the wake of  Hurricane Maria's devastation. 

You can give through Pay Pal or send your tax-deductible check, made out to “Face to Face Missions,” to:

Face to Face Missions
203 Sawyer St

Chattanooga, TN 37405

THANK YOU for your support!