Jan's Legacy

Jan Daigle was a courageous woman of faith who made a difference in the lives of many both in the U.S. and abroad, primarily Peru. Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2011, had surgery immediately and unfortunately was stage four cancer from that point on. She died May, 12, 2014 and is now surely enjoying heavenly rewards for a life well lived. Her positive spirit and strong godly character had a profound influence on everyone she met but none more than me and our three children, Richie, Bethany and Caroline. Jan loved God, loved her family, and loved Peru.

In 2010, she and I formed Face to Face Missions as a 501c3 ministry to share the love of God in Peru in word and deed. Through Face to Face, we took short term mission teams to Peru to hold Christian conferences on the grace and love of God and bless the Peruvian people by conducting medical clinics, feeding children, completing light construction projects and sharing dramas and other activities with kids. Jan was always a trooper. She made two trips to Peru, in the summers of 2012 and 2013, while on chemo. Her influence was so great, a church in San Juan de Lurigancho named their new medical clinic after her. Her heart for God, for others and for Peru was always evident.

While we both worked to make the ministry successful, Jan was definitely the brains behind the operation. Her planning and logistical talents made these trips go smoothly. In addition to organizing the trips, she excelled at leading the teams and teaching the Bible. Cheerful, confident, always optimistic, Jan definitely made her mark in life and encouraged others to do the same. I was so fortunate and blessed to be married to her for 34 years.  From the time when we were skinny, starry-eyed young adults building a life together to the time she left us for heaven, she made a huge imprint on my life.  She had a way of making everyone she knew a better person just by the way she handled the ups and downs of life with a stability that was grounded in her faith in Christ.  There's a nice tribute to Jan
  here. She was an amazing woman but while earth may be poorer for losing her, heaven is certainly richer!